Nqoba Lift Consultants was founded in January 2008 and provided its services to central Government and various other Parastatal departments. Since the establishment of the company, it has grown from humble beginnings where the only services offered were those of inspections and Annexure certifications of lifts and escalators, to a successful and recognized specialist consulting company focusing on all aspects relating to passenger lifts and escalators.

The Company Name & Our Philosophy

‘NQOBA’ is a Zulu word meaning success, success which we believe will be attained through exceeding our customers’ requirements and providing our customers with innovative, technologically advanced and cost effective solutions.

Our Vision

To be the largest specialist Lift and Escalator consulting firm in Africa.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision through continued customer satisfaction which we will earn by always responding promptly to customer requests, by employing the best skilled and experienced people in the lift industry and by always delivering on our commitments.